Last updated: 29th October 2017

SGFIFAVP General Rules

Game Version:

EA Sports FIFA 18


Season 1 League: 30th October 2017 to 14th January 2018 (Adroit)/ 4th February 2018 (Division 2)
Cup: Weekly fixture within League Season

Competition Method:

Pro Clubs Mode via Friendly Matchup

League: 2-tier Divisions (with promotion/relegation), round-robin (home & away)
Cup: Double Elimination

League Match Points:

Win: 3 points
Draw: 1 point
Loss: 0 points

In case of forfeit, an automatic loss with scoreline 0-1 is given.

Squad Limit:

Minimum: 3 players
Maximum: 16 players

Virtual Pro & Match Day:

Virtual Pro Glitch: No
Any: No
Minimum Starting Eleven: 3

Prize Money*:

League: None
Cup: Winner (SGD20 per player)

* Eligibility Criteria
1. Team must participate in the current League season
2. Players must have played in all rounds leading up to (and including) the Final
3. Player must not have been part of any withdrawn teams during the current or previous League seasons (FIFA17 Season 1 onwards)
4. Team must complete all their League fixtures
5. SGFIFAVP will award the winners at the end of both League and Cup campaigns
6. SGFIFAVP reserves all rights to withdraw or award the prize money to anyone at any given time


SGFIFAVP League & Cup Structure

League Structure:
- Division 1 (Adroit)
-> 12 teams
-> 5 Relegation spots (rank 8-12)
-> 1 Relegation playoffs (rank 7)
-> Division 1 Champion will qualify for ACL*

- Division 2 (Sentinel, Guardian, Paladin, Cerberus, Overseer)
-> Equally divided between remaining teams (new/existing)
-> Group Champions: Promoted to Division 1
-> Group Runner-Ups: Promotion playoffs

- Promotion/Relegation Playoffs
-> Consists of Division 1 7th placed team and 5x Division 2 runners-up
-> Round-robin single-leg matches
-> Winner will be promoted/remain in Division 1

Cup Structure:
- Double Elimination structure
- Start of Cup fixtures depends on the length of League Season
- Weekly fixtures in concurrent with League fixtures
- Fixtures for first Round will be drawn randomly
- Home/Away teams will be switched for even-numbers rounds (Round 2, Round 4) except for Finals
- If Cup match score is level, Golden Goal match (first goal wins) will be played
- Cup winner will qualify for AL*
- Cup matches can only be postponed by up to 1 week, after which Admins will determine which team will proceed to the next round (based on proactiveness in arranging the match)

[NOTE] League Administrators have the right to restructure the league (whenever necessary) before the start of every season

* ACL/AL Qualification in Divisions (for eligible teams only):

Eligibility Requirements:
- Players/teams MUST not have represented other domestic leagues in ACL/AL previously (from FIFA17 onwards)
(SGFIFAVP admins are working closely with other domestic League Admins on this)

Division 1 Champion is guaranteed to qualify. Next best placed teams in Division 1 will qualify for as many ACL slots available. Should a team in Division 1 be qualified for ACL but not eligible, the slot will be given to the next best team.

Cup winner will automatically qualify for AL slot. Should the Cup winner be qualified for ACL (via league) or not eligible, the slot will be given to the next best ranking team in the Cup accordingly.

[NOTE] Rules to qualify for ACL/AL via SGFIFAVP may differ every season due to league restructure, ACL/AL qualification rules from other domestic leagues, and slots allocation. ACL/AL availability for the season is subjected to ACL admin's notice. Should there be no ACL/AL for the season, the league rankings will not be used for next ACL/AL