SGFIFAVP Essentials

1. All SGFIFAVP League and Cup tournaments are free-to-play unless indicated otherwise.

2. Teams will compete online in EA Sports FIFA18 Pro Clubs mode via Friendly Matchup.

3. Each team has a squad limit of 18 players per season. Players are registered to both League and Cup tournament.

4. Each team requires a minimum of 3 players (5v5 Drop-In League), 5 players (Intermediate League), or 9 players (Pro League) to play a match.

5.  No "Any" or Virtual Pro Glitching or Cheating is allowed in all our games.

6. Newly registered teams start the League off from Intermediate League.

7. We add all club managers into our League WhatsApp group for making match arrangements and submitting results.

8. Please respect your opponents, your club mates, and yourself. Fair play at all times.


For more details:

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