Last updated: 12th February 2018

Admin Guidelines 

Minimum Players and Use of Any:

Each team requires a minimum of 3 players (5v5 Drop-In League), 5 players (Intermediate League), or 9 players (Pro League) to play a league match. Please ensure that the minimum number of players are online to proceed with the matchup.

If the team is unable to field the minimum number of players for a league match or uses the 'Any' during a league match, the team will automatically forfeit the match.

Squad Limit:

Each team is allowed to register a maximum number of 18 players per season. It is up to the manager's responsibility to track the number of players he has used so far. Should the team be found using more than 18 players, any matches involving the additional players will be forfeited.

Match Arrangements:

Match arrangements will be done freely between the managers themselves. It is recommended to schedule matches in the earlier part of the week as possible, so as to accommodate any postponing (if required). Teams must clear all postponed games within 2 weeks from the original matchweek, otherwise League Admins will fix the date and time of the postponed fixture.

ALL communication on match arrangements with the opponent MUST be done in the League WhatsApp group and not via PM. This will assist the League Admins as evidence for any decision to be made, should a conflict arises.

Please refer to Case Study 2 on how such issues were handled (must read for new managers).

Match Confirmation:

Every manager should confirm the match arrangement to show Admins that he is aware of it. Match confirmation should be done by replying to the agreed day and time mentioned by the opposition manager, as follows:

Match Arrangements Cancellation/ No-show:

Any cancellation of match arrangements should be done at LEAST 2 hours before the actual match. This should be done in the League WhatsApp group and not via PM. Such matches will then be rescheduled to a later date within the week, or postponed to the following week.

If a team would like to reschedule/postpone a match within 2 hours of actual match, the opponent must agree to it. Otherwise, the match should still go on as scheduled.

The following penalties will apply accordingly to the situation (visual table provided below):
- A team is not contactable in the League WhatsApp group for 10 minutes before and after scheduled time (total 20 minutes) AND no confirmed kick-off within 10 minutes of scheduled time: The offending team will automatically forfeit both matches and receive 4 points deduction
- A team is contactable in the League WhatsApp group, but kick-off is later than 10 minutes (but within 30 minutes) of scheduled time: The offending team will automatically forfeit the 2nd leg
- A team is contactable in the League WhatsApp group, but no kick-off within 30 minutes of scheduled time: The offending team is considered to be no-show, and will automatically forfeit both matches and receive 4 points deduction

If the team recommits the same offence, they will be withdrawn from the league. Teams are advised to make contact with their opponents in the League WhatsApp group at least 5 minutes before scheduled kick-off.

For matches fixed by Admins (due to no agreement beforehand):
- If one team turn up: The team must show proof (via live stream) that they are already waiting in the lobby. The team which does not turn up will forfeit both matches with 4 points deduction.
- If both teams do not turn up: Both matches will be set as draws with 4 points deduction each.

Please refer to Case Study 6 and Case Study 8 on how such issues were handled (must read for new managers).

Match Disconnection:

Once the game starts, it must continue in the event of any type of disconnection from any players. Should a disconnection occur due to insufficient players, please take note of the time when the game was disconnected and play out the remaining minutes.

Managers are advised to take the player list screenshot before the start of the new match to prevent a situation where they are not able to do so when the opponents quit the game immediately upon finishing the remaining minutes. Matches continued due to disconnection will be voided if there is no player list screenshot.

Submission of Results:

Please post the following in the MatchResults WhatsApp group. All participants are required to communicate via the League WhatsApp group created by the League Admins.

- Your match results (required)
- Player list screenshot (required)
- Goals and Goal Assists screenshots (required)
- Goal scorers and assists (if any), if no screenshots

Players' "Known As" for Virtual Pro:

Format for "Known As": First 12 alphanumeric characters (or lesser), not required to include characters used for padding

Example Name: ||FirstNameSecondName||

Accepted "Known As":
- ||FirstNameS
- FirstNameSec
- FirstName

Not accepted:
- SecondName||
- meSecondName
- SecondName
- tnameSecondN

Results Reporting format:

[Home] [score]-[score] [Away]
Scorer: [PSN or AI] (or post "Goals" screenshot)
Assist: [PSN] (or post "Goals Assists" screenshot)

Example (please indicate correct home/away team as agreed):

(England manager will post this)
England 2-1 Poland
Scorer: Rooney, Gerrard
Assist: Baines

(Poland manager will post this)
England 2-1 Poland
Scorer: Lewandowski

Player List Screenshot (taken at either start of match or half-time):

Player list screenshots are required to support the league administration. The player list can be brought on screen by pressing SQUARE at the menus during the match. The list can be taken as a screenshot or picture. An example of the player list is as follows:

This screenshot will serve as proof for the following:

1. Ensure teams are fielding at least 3 players
2. Ensure teams are not fielding players from other teams
3. Ensure teams are not fielding banned players
4. League Admins to update squad lists to assist team managers to check on players requesting to join them

Match results will ONLY be accepted if the match has at LEAST one player list screenshot (from either team). League admins have the right to reject player list screenshots if the PSN IDs are illegible.

Both teams (Home & Away) are highly encouraged to submit the player list screenshot as we will be tracking the frequency of submissions per team. This will be a factor in our decision on the team's future participation.

Goals / Goals Assists Screenshot (taken at full-time):

Only statistics (goals, assists, clean sheets) for players with Virtual Pros' "Known As" as their PSN will be recorded. An example of the goals / goal assists screenshot is as follows:

Adroit Affiliate Loan (AAL):

This is available to teams in the Adroit Pro League, especially for teams which may have difficulties competing with at least 9 players on match days. Rather than withdrawing, Pro Clubs in such situations may link with Intermediate League clubs and loan their players. This affiliation lasts for one season only. AAL is only applicable for League games; it cannot be used in Cup and playoffs fixtures.

Conditions of AAL:
- Affiliated clubs must be active in Intermediate League
- Loan players must have at least played a league match with his own team
- Affiliated clubs must not incur any penalties in the current season (if said team receives such penalties in the future, loan link will be removed and the Adroit team will not have an affiliate team for the remainder of the Season)
- Loan players stats will not be recorded by Admins in Adroit fixtures
- Loan players do not add to the Adroit team's squad limit

If conditions are not met, the link cannot be established and/or shall be severed automatically.

One Club, One Season:

To discourage club hopping within the league, players can only play for one club throughout the season (league, cup, ACL qualifications). Any teams found to be playing an ex-player of another club during a league/cup/ACL qualification match within the same season will have that match forfeited. Ex-players from a team no longer in the league are not allowed.

To assist managers check on the status of a player of interest, they can refer to the list of players in the current season under "Pro Clubs & Players" -> "SGFIFAVP Active Season Players".

Please refer to Case Study 1 and Case Study 3 on how such issues were handled (must read for new managers).

Banned Players:

Banned players are not allowed to play in any matches under the jurisdiction of SGFIFAVP (league, cup, ACL qualifications). However, they can play in ACL and normal Pro Clubs matches.

Banned players can be found under "Pro Clubs & Players" -> "SGFIFAVP Active Season Players" (search for club "Banned Players"). The list of banned players will also be made known to managers of the league via the WhatsApp group.

Regional Ban List:

The League Admins of Asean leagues (Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore) have set up a Regional Ban List for troublemakers in the region. This list is maintained by all League admins and any entry/ removal will be agreed by all Admins. The regional ban will have a time limit (unlike respective domestic league bans) and the length of the ban will be based on the severity of the rules breach.

If a player is in the regional ban list, he will not be allowed to participate in any of the Asean domestic leagues.

Glitched Players:

Glitched players (weak foot glitch, more than 93 rating glitch) are not allowed to play in any matches under the jurisdiction of SGFIFAVP (league, cup, ACL qualifications). If a glitched player is found during random checks throughout the course of the season, the most recent match involving the glitched player will be forfeited. Other past matches MAY be forfeited/have points deducted based on Admin's discretion. The glitched player will be banned for 3 subsequent matchweek fixtures. Glitched players may be reported by anyone in the league (with video proof continuous from an SGFIFAVP match).

If a team has 3 or more glitched players found throughout FIFA18, the team may subsequently be withdrawn from the league.

For any future glitches, penalties involving the glitched player/team will be based on Admin's discretion (depending on the severity of the glitch).


Please refer to Case Study 7 on how such issues were handled (must read for new managers).

Voluntary Forfeiture, Inactivity, and/or Withdrawal From League:

A team is not allowed to voluntarily forfeit the match. Forfeit decisions (if required) will only be made by the League Admins. If a team forfeits against at least 2 teams in the same season, it may be withdrawn from the league.

If a team displays a continuous lack of fair play and gamesmanship during the course of the season, it may be withdrawn from the league.

If a team is inactive during the week, it will forfeit or postpone the match for that week. If a team is inactive for 2 weeks in a row, it may be withdrawn from the league.

If a team withdraws from the league (by choice, force, or inactivity), any results prior to the withdrawal and all future matches of the team will be forfeited if the team completes less than 60% of the fixtures. Player statistics for the withdrawn team will be removed, but player statistics for the opponent will still be recorded. League Admins may compute the results of unfinished fixtures, based on goal difference, for any incomplete remaining league games.

League Admins have the right to ban the withdrawn team from rejoining the current/ future leagues.

Team Logo:

If you have a team logo, do send it in to be displayed beside your team name. You may send via e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Whenever possible, please send with "*.png" extensions as it will allow transparency for logos with irregular shape.

League Administrators' Authority:

The above rules are guidelines to be met and respected. The League Administrators have the right to consider every issue on a case-to-case basis. The League Administrators have full authority to withdraw any teams which are deemed to be disrespectful to their opponents or the league itself. The League Administrators' decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Note to participants:

Respect your opponents, your club mates and yourself, fair play at all times. We want a healthy competition based on mutual respect. The Association has all rights to ban clubs or players that do not adhere to fair play. Let the competition begin! Enjoy!